Stm32 Calculations

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1. Stm32 calculation

The concept is easy You enter the values spcified and will get a table for counter values within range.

So for example if you have an stm32 running 100Mhz and want a delay for 0.01 second before e.g creating a interrupt. you enter according to this

Stm current clock speed, e.g 100 as in Mhz
Divider Range fields
Start,end and step of a range of different dividers.
Range Divider Start
The divider start point .eg. 0
Range Divider End
The divider end range .eg 10000
How many step the range should take making a table e.g 100
The time in which the counter should interrupt in seconds e.g 0.01 (\(10ms\))

The table is restricted to 200 rows.

Author: calle

Created: 2023-01-11 Wed 16:57