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  Calle 9a9530e9f2 Fix Typo 2 years ago
  Calle 51b5755194 Merge branch 'master' into State-buffer 3 years ago
  Calle 264f2b1a69 Changed typedef to using instead. 3 years ago
  Calle 86d4668aca Fixed so all states are included 3 years ago
  Calle ff5543ec3b Now to some testing... 3 years ago
  Calle df7e42084f Added states 3 years ago
  calle f99c7fce1a Work in progress 3 years ago
  calle 6f8eda4386 More work on adding a state buffer 3 years ago
  calle 94f400681e adding addditional function to create state buffer 3 years ago
  Calle fc8623a99d Stopped using typedef 3 years ago
  calle 83423290fb Bug fix 5 years ago
  calle 934d6b04ab Bug fix. 5 years ago
  calle fb79ee7b8f Just a small 5 years ago
  calle fbd9acaba2 Merged 5 years ago
  Carl Olsen 15b9f35dbc Updated 5 years ago
  Carl Olsen 71319b2283 A new example and more extensive documentation 5 years ago
  calle a5a09f0b26 Continue on documentation 5 years ago
  Carl Olsen 85afa20c0c More documentation and examples 5 years ago
  Carl Olsen 83ff9dad4f Continue on documentation 5 years ago
  Carl Olsen 918b6f34b1 More documentation 5 years ago
  Carl Olsen a54b6ad20f Documentation start 5 years ago
  calle a757e1862a added include into the statemachine 5 years ago
  Carl Olsen 794a1c5787 Extra commit 5 years ago
  Carl Olsen 82d803b447 Implemented uml diagram 5 years ago
  calle 8afa3c52f3 The MsmFunction moved into yassnippet 5 years ago
  Carl Olsen 264e44335d Adding module to doxygen 5 years ago
  calle cd381c97a7 Meta statemachine snippets 5 years ago
  calle aaaa076f22 initial commit 5 years ago