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1 Whats here?

Here you can find some documentation which I have done. Some are short and some are longer.

1.1 Boost

Here will some documentation on boost.

1.1.1 Asio

Boost.Asio is a cross-platform C++ library for network and low-level I/O programming that provides developers with a consistent asynchronous model using a modern C++ approach.

Asio is really useful, and provides a real benefit. The following page is a small project, that was used to learn more of the benefits of using ASIO. Asio with pipes

Reference asio @ boost

1.2 Lsp - setting up CCLS

Language server protocol is used for code completion and references and many other things. I use it in a X-compiling environment, which of course isn't as easy as runing nativly. But here I descripe how I set it up. I use emacs togther with ccls, and the outcome overshines any other editor that I can come up with. Though I might be slightly biased.

See how to setup ccls.

Here is a reference to ccls @ github.

1.3 Cross compilation and compile_commands.json

To be able to use clang-tools even if working on a x-compiler environment and gcc this paper takes a look on how to use an SDK from yocto and be able to use the local clang-tools.

checkout clang x-compilation and extract a compile_commands.json

1.4 Tuples/variadic templates and more

This covers some of the new c++14/17 features regarding tuples,variadic templates and parameter packs

Checkout tuple fight.

Author: Calle Olsen

Created: 2020-09-08 Tue 19:22