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1. CoCode Container Space

Lets assume you have no knowledge about CoCode what so ever. Let me explain. From the beginning there was no CoCode, the world was dull and Grey, each day was another day alike. You woke up, you ate breakfast, you went to work/school and so on. Nothing really mattered. Today it happened, the change. Maybe you haven't realized it yet, maybe you never will, but today something changed. The Grey fog which embodied your existence started to slowly fade out, and a beam of light hit you. Maybe you noticed, maybe you didn't. But this is the first day in which you have been enlighten. In a while you will notice small changes to your life, you will feel energized you will be empowered. It want hit you in the face right away, more like someone gently pushing you in the right direction, with a light almost non-existing force. You will eventually turn towards the direction in which the force is pushing you. It want hurt, the changes are so small it want even be noticeable, but in the long-run you will face a new reality, one that will enlighten you from the dull/Grey fog like existence that you have been living in. You might ask yourself "why"? The answer to that question….I don't know, but you have been introduced to CoCode and that is reason enough, or no reason. I can't explain. So what is CoCode and why does it has such an effect on me? Well, lets start from the beginning. It all started with a fellow named Carl Olsen. He was just an ordinary programmer, his life just as ordinary as anyones. The days passed , he woke up, dressed up, drank his tea, went to work, looked while the system booted up. Like most animals he had no mission, no goals, and cared more for making his monthly salary then actually living his life, his life was based on monthly reward. His happiness was based on a small context or maybe a box in which he was living in. Work, tea, system, salary.. Its like a application in a system, the application lives in a contained space (system) a box, where everything is put into place. The context is the same, if it were to change an exception will be raised and the application would start trying to find new paths to keep on going, or have a proper plan for when something changes, or it will break,burn and crash.

WAIT! Stop! Are you insane!? what are you talking about? You are comparing a human being as a system? We are the one creating the systems.

Ahh, there it was the first reaction to when the context start shaking. You are quite right , an ordinary life is predictable, and most of the time, we are not better than the system that we create. Or is it that we mirror the system that we live in? Who knows. Maybe there is a reason that our lives are system like?

Well im not going to tired you out with details on an ordinary man. The life of an ordinary programmer is probably as fun as looking at paint drying on the wall. One day Carl woke up, something have change, he could not explain what, but the core of his existence changed. Its like a nuclear fusion has gone of inside him.

C-c C-e #

There are quite a few things left.

2. About Cocode

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2.1. Employees

Author: Carl Olsen

Created: 2022-06-11 Sat 17:21