Table of Contents

1 About me

The young and fine Carl Olsen!

2 Education

see curriculum vitae as html or download as pdf.

3 Work experince

4 Hobbies

4.1 Sport

oloppet.jpg This section is dedicated to some of the sports and adventures that I undertake.

4.1.1 Running

  • [2019-09-07 Sat] EB-loppet (2nd place)
  • [2019-10-12 Sat] Gbg-marathon (half) Race report .

4.1.2 Triathlon

4.1.3 Cycling

4.1.4 Zwift

4.2 Programming

4.2.1 Emacs

My own work on emacs:

MSM-state machine
generation of boost::MSM state machine. Still working, though I'm planning to do some major re-work when there is time.
Msg Pump helper
Just some yasnippet for Emacs to create a msg-pump.
Wrapper for Emacs using byzanz to record screen cast.
Not my work! just provided some patches.

4.2.2 c++

Author: Calle Olsen

Created: 2020-09-08 Tue 19:22